Andy Livingston

Blending confessional intimacy with lush soundscapes and harmonies, "Water" is a striking collection of dark, atmospheric piano-based rock strongly influenced by the likes of Tori Amos, REM, and Muse.

The title song "Water" came to me some time ago, before I fully realized what it was about. I felt that it was about the ebb and flow of life, and how quickly things can change around us, and how quickly people can be swept away from us. Then last year I went to the doctor after finding unexplained bruises all over my body. He told me, "It could be leukemia, or something more innocuous, but you should go to the emergency room." I found out that my blood platelets were dangerously low, and that it was not, thankfully, leukemia, but a blood/immune disorder called ITP. They cautioned me that with my platelet level being what is was that I could spontaneously bleed out. Those first couple of weeks, I lay awake in bed every night, worried that I may not wake up. It was the first time in my life that I realized that I was a mortal, temporary being. They gave me a shot that boosted my platelet levels and everything has been going very well, but the lesson stuck with me: you may have eluded fate this time, but eventually your time will come. It made me look at life, and death, in a very different way. Then the songs started to come.

The album "Water" as a whole deals with death in its many forms: the death of pieces of ourselves (in songs like Sing for Me, Rosella, Sing); the death of relationships (in songs like What Shall We Sing); and literal physical death (in songs like Water). I see water as the force that pushes us all along the ever-unpredictable pathway of life, constantly changing, churning, flowing, and inevitably ending, we all go out smooth like water.

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