From the recording Chiaroscuro

I don’t have a fondness for public expressions of faith. I suppose there is a time and a place for it, but it often comes across as pompous at worst and disingenuous at best. For many years, even when I was an active participant in organized religion, I felt uncomfortable praying in public. I felt it became more about performing than a sincere plea to divinity. My relationship to the divine is something I prefer to keep private. I suppose it has something to do with the idea of showing me what you believe rather than telling me. All of that notwithstanding, the irony of this is that the song itself is a prayer. Buried among three sardonic stanzas is that sincere plea…
 I just want to be good.
Yeah, thou mayest, babe.


Holy, sure, but
one and only
one could have been saved
looking on as
king takes pawn
“That’s quite the god you’ve made,”
he said.
“Take my name in vain.”
Please don’t make me pray
One and done
well, where I’m from
that’s called a double play
Blood and wine
“What’s yours was mine”
but only my blood stains
like Cain’s
“Yeah, thou mayest, babe.”
Please don’t make me pray
Oh, I take it all back
I just want to be good, Dad
Kneel and bow my head
Amen and amen
Oh, divine reprieve
Give the gift of speaking
Wash and raise my hands
Amen and amen
One more flood
I was wide open
long before you came
please don’t make me pray
Do you know
that man? He knows
the answers and my name
please don’t make me pray