From the recording The Farewell Waltz


My mistake was believing the end
was not just in fact a beginning
So I go to a place that I know
Far away from here

Next pretend that my iron won’t bend
except by the light of your halo
just as well but I wanted to tell you
that I won’t forget
no I won’t forget your name

come back for me once in a while
and tell me how your life has been
all in all it’s been a pretty good year,
but my love it’s December again…

You look pale in your funeral veil
my choreographer’s waiting
to teach me the dance called the farewell waltz
so I won’t forget
I could never forget your name

your cologne put the moves on my son
so hold on tight here we go

Sing me songs of redemption and love
and religion and how happiness
depends on the company of a good friend
but for now it’s December again
so please come back to me soon
my love it’s December again.