From the recording Fashion Emergency


Fashion Emergency

I spied paradise using X-ray vision
when you were born did the lights go on
as Mother took the knife
and smiling cut the link from side to side

Call him Frank
call him Optimism
call him Babe as he shuffles down the
street with made up eyes
in lavender he found the perfect size.

Fashion Emergency
somebody get this boy some sleeves
Everyone hit the floor
what did you think that you’d find here?

“So when you go”
“You mean if I go”
the Rumor Mill will churn butter out of
sweet and sour cream
plugged into my political machine

So, go on now guess who I wet dream of
a bottle blond and a cherry for the
weekend in disguise.
It’s Optimism that keeps me alive

I thought I’d pick myself some roses
on the way to Santa Fe
and then I’d lick the wounds the thorns made
when I got to Santa Fe
to see his

Fashion Emergency