Andy Livingston

An eclectic lot of piano driven, indie-rock, "Indigo" is a powerful album heavily influenced by the likes of Tori Amos, Radiohead, and even Enya. Unique song structures, sweeping harmonies, and poignant lyrics make for a cathartic listening experience.

I put a lot of work into recording and creating these songs, and I hope it shows. I couldn't name a favorite, because I love all of them. Many I love for different reasons, but there is not one I do not love. Each has their own little personality: I adore the sweeping choruses and harmonies of Indigo Winter and All That I Wanted; the aching beauty and simplicity, and, paradoxically, the darkness and profundity of Light, Waiting and Hourglass; the quirkiness of Strangers Who Double as Lovers and Good Old What's His Name; and the nostalgia of Heavy, not to mention the grittiness of Bastard Son, always have a way of taking me outside of myself. I don't know where they take me, but I love to go.

"Indigo" began as my intention to create a solo piano/vocal album. Although some of these songs have been written for years, Indigo Winter was the song that arrived and put the whole project into perspective. It opens the album with the core questions that make up the album's over-arching theme: "What happens when the chosen one fails? What is the nature of what we call 'evil'? Why do we castrate pieces of ourselves and place them in boxes labeled according to an archaic labeling system?" Discovering the true essence of my identity as being purely human sans labels of race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc., has been liberating. The album follows a titular character (a chosen one) as he uncovers his own divinity divorced from expectation and cultural weight.

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    Heavy 4:19
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