Indigo" marks this talented twenty-something’s first release, a 12-song collection recorded with a full band on which Livingston’s piano and vocals command the most attention. His forte may be effusive piano ballads like his muse [Tori] Amos, but he’s got a few ideas of his own. In fact, the strongest tracks here are those where Livingston strays from his comfort zone...Andy Livingston’s "Indigo" provides a fine showcase for a talented pianist, songwriter and vocalist...[Its] well-crafted arrangements and sumptuous melodies will appeal to all listeners of light indie rock. Review by Jim Testa Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)” - Jim Testa


With soaring musical landscapes, the piano-infused LP [Indigo] showcases Livingston’s talent as a composer and singer. Though it takes some time for the listener to decipher each song’s meaning, Livingston’s musical talent is evident throughout...With powerful vocal and musical crescendos...Livingston impresses. A powerful release, Indigo showcases Livingston’s prowess at composing and writing music. While the piano infused tracks embody the majority of the LP, more versatility between song and musical landscape would have strengthened the album. While Livingston says he hopes to contribute something meaningful to the musical conversation since it “helped him find the voice that had often been silenced by shame,” Indigo provides an adequate introduction to this desire.” - Annie Reuter


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