1. The River

From the recording Revolution Hymns

I wanted to start “Revolution Hymns” off with this baptism. Going down to the water and hearing this ragamuffin chorus calling you to the other side was the only proper way I could think of to wash away preconception.


One is not enough
But 1,000 is too much, isn’t it?
Yes I know
we are hanging by a thread
and it cuts
to the quick of my faith
Even still I keep on believing
that somehow you will still
follow through
Follow me down to the river and be baptized in your shame
Follow me down to the river and you will be redeemed
So you want my all? 
Well take all 8 inches
and choke on your lust, oh, my love,
I did not mean to be cross
It is just
That I placed all my trust
In the man who practiced deceiving
And I swear that he smiled
Just like you