1. St. Joseph

From the recording Revolution Hymns

This song has been with me for a long time. Explicitly, it is a rehashing of the story of the prodigal son. Beyond that, though, I think the song is trying to communicate both sides of the “leaving/being left” story. To those of us who leave, are we ever fully aware of the cost? I suppose someone always has to lose, but still I always catch myself dropping bread crumbs along the path in hopes that I will always be able to find my way home.


Hey there friend, who are you here for?Or do you just like graveyards,no, I see you brought your wife yellow roses.It’s 3 AM have you seen my son?He’s been missing since October.But he knows his way home,and he says “no” to strangersand he still has a friend inSaint Joseph He gave it all away Excuse me sir, do you have a lightto sacrifice my darkness? Well,I brought a knife and I built my own altar. It’s time to face now what I’ve becomeas I count my silver pieces.But I remember my nameand I am not afraid of matchesand I’ll find my way homebecause I say “no” to strangersand I will always have a friend inSaint Joseph I gave it all away tell the truth unless it hurtstell the truth unless it hurtstell the truth unless it hurtssometimes, my boy, it’s going to hurt