1. Soldier

From the recording Revolution Hymns

It's hard to say where this song comes from exactly. There are many people in this song: my brother, my grandmother, and I'm in there, of course, but I don't know where, because in a way I become my brother and my grandmother. My brother is a literal soldier; my grandmother lost her husband about 40 years ago, and has been alone ever since. I relate to that. We're all soldiers in that regard, as we battle our own terrorist networks, be they internal or otherwise.


My, he had the eyes of a soldiernow his eyes are mine to see withhe reminds me of my brotheron the night he left for the desert  Iva Jean misses her Jeweland the woman in the still framewhen she sleeps they both go dancingas the soldiers march in rhythmmile by mile it goes so fast that I can’t catch my breath it goes so fast thatI got caught between the sound waveswhere my spirit met my passionthey tried their best to get marriedif you want me to I will bethe grenade it goes so fast that I can’t catch my breath we must carry on little soldiereven though I know you’re tiredhe will greet us when we get therenot one moment passes that I don’tsee his face