1. Shepherd Boy

From the recording Revolution Hymns

I still remember when Matthew Shepherd was killed. I remembered thinking, “There are people who would kill me without even knowing that my name is Andy. They wouldn’t even care that my name is Andy. They didn’t care that his was Matthew.”


If you run into my dreamstell them I’m still waitingon my knees, on my kneesbut they may take a while,so if you have the timecome and seecome and seecome and see Oh, shepherd boy, do you hear them now?the bells are softly calling,you won’t have to wait much longer to go homebecause the devil crochets blanketsout of barbed-wire fencesif you listen you will hear he’s still breathing Tie them up one by one until they’veall had their fun, and he’ll be one of theseif he won’t take a wife, set him straight with a knifeand we’ll prayand we’ll prayand we’ll pray did I cross the avalancheto wind up drowning in the mudslide Oh, shepherd boythey are dancing nowin sick celebration ofa scarecrow getting laidby two boys in Wyomingwell they’re faking itthey’re taking nowfrom Dido’s dowryif you listen you will hearwhat they’re saying One got awayI got away So if you saw the same in me, thenDaphne wouldn’t be a treeand if you’re looking for your sheepyou’ll find him on theh i l l s i d e