From the recording Revolution Hymns

My favorite line is “he had a knife; still I came back twice, and found that I wanted to come back again.” There are some people that no matter how much you know it cuts you to be with them, you would still do anything – bleed out even – just to be near them. We create this illusion of paradise in our minds and convince ourselves that, the bleeding notwithstanding, everything would be better with him in my life. There comes a point, though, when the blood isn’t enough, so you cut off an arm and you lose a part of yourself because so much depends on this other person’s validation.
I know full well that it is not real, and most likely never will be, but sometimes happiness in fantasy versus misery in reality is not a bad trade…that is until your faux paradise shatters – it always will – and you have no other choice but to handle the reality that is left in its wake.


He had a knife, and I came back twiceto make sure that he spelled“REVENGE” with an “A”well I didn’t mind a haphazard plague,but I know he will come back again. My pair of dice came up snake eyesand paradise lost me back there in the haze,but if paradise breaks,and he gets his wayhe will come back again I called his name, but nobody camehis ghost and a gentleman dancing in three said“Boy you should know which way to go”but I can’t find my way back again. Run now, run past the orchardsand faster now,over the hills, and I see him stillfloating in hologramsI read his deeper than shallow I fear I fear the end of time I fear that he had a knife;still I came back twice,and found that I wanted to come back againbut if paradise breaks and he gets his wayhe will come back again