From the recording Revolution Hymns

This was originally going to be called “Revolution Hymn” but then I was talking to a friend who has a dog named Lucy, and we were discussing how awesome Lucy is (she really is awesome). In any case, I said, “Everybody loves Lucy” and then realized that it needed to be a song. The story formed around that idea. I saw this girl who keeps getting told how great she is, and how much everyone loves her, and how she is so sweet. Yes, not sweet enough, apparently.
“We’re friends, but…”
So, yeah, I can get bitter. We’ve all been a “Lucy” at one point or another. I found my way into the story by relating to that idea that I have often felt like a placeholder for some people, and frequently find myself with a silver medal in hand.
“But everybody loves you!”
Don’t get me wrong, platonic love is of infinite value to me, but still, last time I checked, there was only one person sleeping in my bed.


Hey, congratulationson your findI’m sure that she willmake a lovely bride she will help connect the dotswhile I sit here waitingto be set asideI always come in second place everybody loves Lucyloves the way she takes the baitinside her nucleusand sure she’s sweet,just not quite sweet enoughto get him offthe hook whenthey call him out at second baseso trade her upI’m thinkingsomething in the double-d rangea vision ofwhat everyone thinks he deserves your hungry ghost stillhas a taste for meatso push her button boyuntil she bleeds hey heteroflexibilityhe is awfully fond ofstaining sheetsI saw him just the other day but everybody loves Lucyloves the way she lets you takeand so you take too muchand when she asks for somethingin return thenyou just look the other way holy holy in name onlyChildren of Revolutionwe’ll go marching on to gloryjust as soon as we have won