1. Ennis Del Mar

From the recording Revolution Hymns

Reading “Brokeback Mountain” was a transformative experience. I don’t believe I have ever seen the internal struggle against oneself so eloquently written and so accurately described. The only way I could come to terms with what I had read was to write my own piece about it.


Will you save me like you did before?I will hold you to your wordbut I died when I built the bridge betweenthe Virgin and the Whore. Ennis come and look what I’ve doneThey made a man of me todaythey were singing “Hallelujah” asthey kicked dirt in my face I would save you, if I could, I wouldbut I’m fettered by delusions of grandeurand of perfect plansHobson’s knots have all held good Dissatisfied with creationI made a man out of clayand I placed him in my gardenand I gave him your name I call him SacrificeEnnis come and look what I’ve done… Before you cut me outI’d like to just remind you thatnext time I’ll be coming after you Ennis go and tell your fatheran old dickless man was hetell your mother and your sister toowhat they do to boys like me and tell them that I loved youand tell them that I loved you I will hold you to your word