This I Believe

Andy Livingston
Andy Livingston


It’s apocalyptic. When you’re in that moment, you can see from the beginning how it’s going to end, and you know the signs. Blood moon, horsemen, wars, numerology, and beasts. I’ve gone through this whole unrequited love thing so many times, that I could write my own Book of Revelation. St. John doesn’t have anything over what I’ve seen as far as my internal apocalypses are concerned. That’s the best way I know how to describe what goes on inside of me when I sense that someone I care about is going to leave. It’s just a sign of the times; my world has ended on at least four occasions.


This I believe:
the changes are a
ten caged misery. 
It could be that the
only thing we need
is eschatology: we’re
heading for the end, my dear
I believe this is a sign
that one of us is one too much when
one alone could make my soul divide into equal parts and I
finally found a way to drown
without closing my eyes
sixth seal down
one more left to go
angels, tune your horns
and I will be
coming back as rain but
rest assured if
you unplug my vein
I’ll paint a sky so red that
Heaven will forget sunset
Hey and way to go
I called your bluff and now
I want my money back so hey
why is it so
difficult to prevent a
heart attack
seventh seal down
hold on here we go
St. John, grab your pen
I believe we’re out of time
and I believed that believing
would be enough to keep us both alive
Maybe not, so maybe I
Set my expectations too high

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