Sing for Me, Rosella, Sing

Andy Livingston
Andy Livingston


Rosella is a Siren. She represents those people, pieces of ourselves, and places we know are going to sink our ship, but that, for some reason, we willfully and continually indulge. Why is it that we can become so comfortable with and tolerant of poison? To the point that when she stops singing we beg her to sing again?


Cut me open love
there will be enough for us
I can hear them coming now so
be prepared to run and
don’t stop until I bleed midnight
I still feel you breathing so come
walk on my water,
come drown by my side
I would cross over
to the other side of it if
I could hear your voice again, so
Sing for me, Rosella, sing
You’ll be well-rewarded for all of your suffering
metaphor: hear them call
You’re well on your way to where the innocent go
So sing for me, Rosella, sing…
rusted porcelain
only silence knows her hand
and silence isn’t speaking so
she medicates instead with
needles she calls religion
come kneel at my altar and I’ll
graft your nepenthe
with my mustard seed
and Love, the resulting fruit,
would be so sweet that even
God could not deny us then so
Sing for me, Rosella, sing
give me more
take me over
I am getting closer
to resisting sabotage, but
no one sings like you did love, so
sing for me, Rosella, sing

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