Missing Him

Andy Livingston
Andy Livingston


This was the last song to be finished. Even though he is still technically near, I am bracing myself for that inevitable time when he won't be.

Lethe is a river in Hades, and those who drank from it experienced complete forgetfulness. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened had I never met him, and would it be easier to forget. There’s a part in the song, though, where I realize how senseless it is to get angry at someone (in this case someone in particular) for not wanting me back. When I say, “What is there to forgive you?” I am admitting that they’ve done nothing wrong but follow their own heart, which is all I could ever ask for myself. I like the idea, though, of the memory of someone being the guiding star that gets you through the subsequent mazes of life. I suppose it’s a sad reality that love or friendships can be addictions that, once no longer immediately available and present, become weaker and weaker with time. Sooner or later, his star is going to be light years away – the Sun for some other system – and I will be warming myself under a different light.

“So long, he’s gone…”


Four in a row and no one will know
your ink bled through my page
in color; my
black and white
ripped it up without question
so long, he’s gone
out like a light
his star will guide you through
all the mazes ahead
but his satellite is
sending mixed signals
I know he’s not coming back
so long.
he’s gone.
missing him.
your figure eight is perfectly straight
perfectly out of reach
water my tree
with Lethe
what is there to forgive you
so long he’s gone
out like a light…
dead on the vine
I was ripening without
a safe place to land
Mayday captain
brace yourself, boy press rewind
and let’s play again
so long.
he’s gone.
missing him.

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