by Andy Livingston

Released 2011
Released 2011
Blending confessional intimacy with lush soundscapes and harmonies, "Water" is a striking collection of dark, atmospheric piano-based rock strongly influenced by the likes of Tori Amos, REM, and Muse.
  • 04:59 Story Lyrics Magnolia
    Magnolia your time has come
    The time to offer up your best defense
    Yesterday was the perfect day
    But yesterday is done
    Magnolia your time has come
    Run, boy, you can run, but never run fast enough
    to escape the skillful hand of the Gardener
    your time too will come
    Magnolia your time has come
    The time to reconcile with providence
    What have you done that you regret?
    What lessons have you learned?
    Magnolia your time has come
    Pack your bags, get ready; now do you understand?
    Promise me you’ll send me word when you make it there
    Word still hasn’t come
    It’s funny, now I realize that 
    the best thing that I had is
    slipping away
    my silhouette
    I’ll race you home, but
    can we breathe together because it
    still gets hard to breathe on my own
    Magnolia your time has come
  • 04:25 Story Lyrics Sing for Me, Rosella, Sing
    Cut me open love
    there will be enough for us
    I can hear them coming now so
    be prepared to run and
    don’t stop until I bleed midnight
    I still feel you breathing so come
    walk on my water,
    come drown by my side
    I would cross over
    to the other side of it if
    I could hear your voice again, so
    Sing for me, Rosella, sing
    You’ll be well-rewarded for all of your suffering
    metaphor: hear them call
    You’re well on your way to where the innocent go
    So sing for me, Rosella, sing…
    rusted porcelain
    only silence knows her hand
    and silence isn’t speaking so
    she medicates instead with
    needles she calls religion
    come kneel at my altar and I’ll
    graft your nepenthe
    with my mustard seed
    and Love, the resulting fruit,
    would be so sweet that even
    God could not deny us then so
    Sing for me, Rosella, sing
    give me more
    take me over
    I am getting closer
    to resisting sabotage, but
    no one sings like you did love, so
    sing for me, Rosella, sing
  • 04:17 Story Lyrics This I Believe
    This I believe:
    the changes are a
    ten caged misery. 
    It could be that the
    only thing we need
    is eschatology: we’re
    heading for the end, my dear
    I believe this is a sign
    that one of us is one too much when
    one alone could make my soul divide into equal parts and I
    finally found a way to drown
    without closing my eyes
    sixth seal down
    one more left to go
    angels, tune your horns
    and I will be
    coming back as rain but
    rest assured if
    you unplug my vein
    I’ll paint a sky so red that
    Heaven will forget sunset
    Hey and way to go
    I called your bluff and now
    I want my money back so hey
    why is it so
    difficult to prevent a
    heart attack
    seventh seal down
    hold on here we go
    St. John, grab your pen
    I believe we’re out of time
    and I believed that believing
    would be enough to keep us both alive
    Maybe not, so maybe I
    Set my expectations too high
  • 04:03 Story Lyrics Who Will Be My Eyes
    So I looked at him and said,
    “who will be my eyes
    when mine grow dim?”
    It was only yesterday
    that I began to understand
    that I’d miss your color and
    I would miss the weight of oxygen
    I would miss the warmth of his
    carbon dioxide on my skin
    I know I’m not supposed to be here
    When he answered me he said,
    “boy I think it’s time
    you hedge your bets”
    you are not exactly in a position
    to make demands
    and I do have to admit
    He was such a charming handome man
    It was only yesterday
    That I began to understand
    I know I’m not supposed to be here
    I remember when you said
    that you would leave a light on for me
    but if you won’t save me
    I will do this on my own
    but I still need to believe
    that there is something more than an ending
    so I will follow you as
    I have followed all along
    and I will say it again
    But I say too much and
    I will see you again
    In another place
    I took his hand instead
    And led him to the places I have been
    when you’re out of luck, you double down
    in spite of statistics
    I wish I could take it back
    Who will be my eyes
    when mine grow dim?
    It was only yesterday
    that I began to understand
    I know I’m not supposed to be here
  • 04:30 Story Lyrics Disappoint You
    Sorry to disappoint you
    sorry for trying too hard
    there’s just too much between my
    ugliness and my beautiful
    why can’t we stay
    he went out peacefully so they say
    I found a metal ladder
    under the garden wall
    and I couldn’t help but hear you
    whispering about sacrifice
    so maybe I’ll try escaping
    maybe I’m masochistic
    maybe your could-be love will
    kill me or cure me
    either way
    I came too late
    could it be there has been some mistake
    why can’t we stay
    he went out peacefully, so they say
    I’ve got the notion that
    some lucky girl will breathe in his ecstasy the air in here it’s atmosphere
    I’ll write you letters from the other side of the veil if I’m not there to tuck you in
    sorry to disappoint you
  • 05:03 Story Lyrics Chicago
    I’ve already forgotten
    what color your hair was
    was it brown or blonde
    and every time I see it
    I see something used
    I’m not that far away from you now
    I hope that you remember
    that day in Chicago
    I do
    and every time I see it
    I hope you see it too
    I’m not that far away from you now
    I know that I’ve been here before
    it’s nothing like what I remember
    someone’s at my kitchen door
    selling me on now or never
    he was one for looking on the bright side
    beneath the black light
    the bright side is fading fast
    I’m afraid but I’m still standing here
    I’m not that far away
    I want to say I’m sorry
    but I don’t know how
    I can’t say I miss you
    sometimes I’m a liar
  • 04:05 Story Lyrics Goodnight, Governor
    beauty surrenders to
    logical shots in the dark
    but what are the chances
    that one little glance
    could do harm?
    Seems they’re pretty good…
    it’s peculiar the way he disappeared
    she goes all to pieces
    when he stands next to me
    and it was so familiar how we
    laughed around the tree, yeah we
    laughed so hard
    we laughed so hard
    when he said goodnight
    goodnight, Governor
    one more surprise left
    I don’t think she’ll take it in stride
    but she will hold it
    with lines stretched like
    poison ivy vines
    a political smile
    it's peculiar the way he disappeared
  • 04:03 Story Lyrics Missing Him
    Four in a row and no one will know
    your ink bled through my page
    in color; my
    black and white
    ripped it up without question
    so long, he’s gone
    out like a light
    his star will guide you through
    all the mazes ahead
    but his satellite is
    sending mixed signals
    I know he’s not coming back
    so long.
    he’s gone.
    missing him.
    your figure eight is perfectly straight
    perfectly out of reach
    water my tree
    with Lethe
    what is there to forgive you
    so long he’s gone
    out like a light…
    dead on the vine
    I was ripening without
    a safe place to land
    Mayday captain
    brace yourself, boy press rewind
    and let’s play again
    so long.
    he’s gone.
    missing him.
  • 04:39 Story Lyrics Fishing for Ophelia
    Does anybody out there need a second chance?
    Is anybody out there on their own?
    Knowing that you’re almost out of rope
    doesn’t make it easier to know that
    falling is the hardest part of letting go
    I know what you said
    but I know you didn’t mean it
    yes I heard what you said
    but you know that I won’t crawl
    because I’m one part masochistic and
    my other needs a facelift
    and I’m out here on my own
    looking inward I’m
    fishing for Ophelia
    with nothing else to say I went ahead and booked
    a three day cruise on Acheron
    a ten pound line should reel him in
    gravity does not compare with his beauty
    How would you like to go for a swim?
    Wait for the summertime
    I’ll be there soon
    And in the summertime
    We will bloom
    I would like to go on my own terms
    The girl with the shiny poisoned pearl
    says that she could help me with the paperwork
    I know what you said
    but I know you didn’t mean it
    yes I heard what you said
    but you know that I won’t crawl
    because I’m one part masochistic and
    my other needs a facelift
    and I’m out here on my own
    looking inward I’m
    fishing for Ophelia
  • 04:16 Story Lyrics What Shall We Sing
    Here we go again
    Pardon my defense
    Even though I had my wall
    you somehow still slipped in
    Same thing as before
    you said, “The choice is yours:
    to be saved or to be loved –
    which do you want more?”
    Or, would you settle for a brother
    notwithstanding all my thorns, and
    if I sing the song we used to sing
    would you still sing along?
    Oh, what shall we sing…
    Steady as I go
    I am getting old
    and I misplaced the mirror that said
    I was beautiful
    now, stained with regret,
    who would hold my hand
    baggage claim called me to say
    they haven’t found him yet
    I’ve come to terms with the delusion
    that I could change your mind somehow
    Love, We could have been,
    but that was then
    I hope you’re happy now
  • 04:06 Story Lyrics Just Say When
    Suddenly I know your face
    I’ve traced it line by line
    but every time it fades away
    Suddenly it’s not the same
    You’re always on my mind
    and quietly, I hear you say
    “What do you know,
    it’s time to say good-bye,
    so just tell me if
    you want me to go.”
    Just say when
    I’ve nothing else to offer
    Will this do?
    Suddenly I’m out of faith
    But hope may do just fine
    Until I believe again
    Suddenly I went and they
    will not find me in time
    and frantically, I hear them say,
    “Red lights,
    I can’t get him to wake.
    I swear that he was
    fine just hours ago.”
    Just say when
    I’ve nothing else to offer
    Will this do?
    Suddenly it’s not the same
    you’re always on my mind
  • 05:20 Story Lyrics Water
    code blue
    I returned sovereign
    come quickly and comfort me
    you know I can’t walk that far
    into me his flowed
    and we traded
    glances as we passed
    he into darkness
    and I into light
    we go out
    smooth like water
    red hot
    river run
    don’t I deserve this
    and my body the offering
    you know I can’t take anymore
    come and pray
    oil and water separate
    anoint me and prepare me
    to cross to the other side
    take me out
    smooth like water
    so come please show me
    come let me see
    so come please show me
    open my eyes
    and I swear I’ll
    believe you then
    we go out
    smooth like water
The title song "Water" came to me some time ago, before I fully realized what it was about. I felt that it was about the ebb and flow of life, and how quickly things can change around us, and how quickly people can be swept away from us. Then last year I went to the doctor after finding unexplained bruises all over my body. He told me, "It could be leukemia, or something more innocuous, but you should go to the emergency room." I found out that my blood platelets were dangerously low, and that it was not, thankfully, leukemia, but a blood/immune disorder called ITP. They cautioned me that with my platelet level being what is was that I could spontaneously bleed out. Those first couple of weeks, I lay awake in bed every night, worried that I may not wake up. It was the first time in my life that I realized that I was a mortal, temporary being. They gave me a shot that boosted my platelet levels and everything has been going very well, but the lesson stuck with me: you may have eluded fate this time, but eventually your time will come. It made me look at life, and death, in a very different way. Then the songs started to come.

The album "Water" as a whole deals with death in its many forms: the death of pieces of ourselves (in songs like Sing for Me, Rosella, Sing); the death of relationships (in songs like What Shall We Sing); and literal physical death (in songs like Water). I see water as the force that pushes us all along the ever-unpredictable pathway of life, constantly changing, churning, flowing, and inevitably ending, we all go out smooth like water.

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