Andy Livingston
Andy Livingston


Building bridges or building crosses? There isn’t enough wood for both.


shock me straight assassinate me
as the king takes back his throne
your strange crusade has tried my patience
more than anything I’ve known
got a gun and feeling fine
come on brother, testify
Colt Magnum .45
come on brother, testify
I have suffered silently
through everything you’ve done
and this I did willingly, but
If I must take you on,
then I will take you on.
I tell you boy, you’ve got me
running like there’s no tomorrow.
So, is there tomorrow?
Not for long, but that could change
depending on the season.
I will take you on.
Keep me hidden in the pocket
of your exorcism jeans
Smile wide it’s picture time
for your happy family
salt instead of cinnamon
so can you tell me if I died today then
where would I go?
wouldn’t you like to know…
come on brother

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