Andy Livingston
Andy Livingston


During my time in Italy, we went to visit a guy in a city called Settimo. On the way back to our apartment in Pavia, a woman stopped us and, in what I can only describe as an eerie voice, told us that we should not have come and that there was no hope for anyone in the city. Maybe she was crazy, but even still her warning stuck with me.

I started picturing this city where people go to give up; a veritable emotional black hole that sucks up all the light you have left in you. We can get chained to these ideas of self-doubt and auto-victimization, and in a way we construct this City of Hopelessness around us and become the black hole ourselves. When we look in a mirror and see a monster, we can become prisoners of this false image and believe that there really is something coming after us, when in reality we are both prisoner and prison guard.


Go away Mr. Green Monster
if you stay things could get right out of hand
But you say “it won’t be long now
before we reclaim your innocence.”
I had some friends down in Settimo
There’s nothing left for them to take anymore
It’s all the rage down in Settimo
and all at once you look and
everyone is gone
Save the day Mr. Kirt Mosier
do you drink liquid passion from the vine
just to say that you climbed higher
than the one who you call Magnificence?
I will not be silent
I will not be still and
I will unshackle my footsteps and
keep running up that hill
I must believe in something can I believe in you

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