Revolution Hymns

by Andy Livingston

Released 2012
Released 2012
These are not your grandmother's hymns; instead of worship, this eclectic mix of intimate, piano-centric songs attempt to engage Deity, and those who follow, in a meaningful, beautiful, and occasionally funky dialogue.
  • 04:19 Story Lyrics The River

    One is not enough

    But 1,000 is too much, isn’t it?

    Yes I know

    we are hanging by a thread

    and it cuts

    to the quick of my faith

    Even still I keep on believing

    that somehow you will still

    follow through


    Follow me down to the river and be baptized in your shame

    Follow me down to the river and you will be redeemed


    So you want my all? 

    Well take all 8 inches

    and choke on your lust, oh, my love,

    I did not mean to be cross

    It is just

    That I placed all my trust

    In the man who practiced deceiving

    And I swear that he smiled

    Just like you


  • 05:00 Story Lyrics Testify
    shock me straight assassinate me
    as the king takes back his throne
    your strange crusade has tried my patience
    more than anything I’ve known
    got a gun and feeling fine
    come on brother, testify
    Colt Magnum .45
    come on brother, testify
    I have suffered silently
    through everything you’ve done
    and this I did willingly, but
    If I must take you on,
    then I will take you on.
    I tell you boy, you’ve got me
    running like there’s no tomorrow.
    So, is there tomorrow?
    Not for long, but that could change
    depending on the season.
    I will take you on.
    Keep me hidden in the pocket
    of your exorcism jeans
    Smile wide it’s picture time
    for your happy family
    salt instead of cinnamon
    so can you tell me if I died today then
    where would I go?
    wouldn’t you like to know…
    come on brother
  • 03:42 Story Lyrics Everybody Loves Lucy
    Hey, congratulations
    on your find
    I’m sure that she will
    make a lovely bride
    she will help connect the dots
    while I sit here waiting
    to be set aside
    I always come in second place
    everybody loves Lucy
    loves the way she takes the bait
    inside her nucleus
    and sure she’s sweet,
    just not quite sweet enough
    to get him off
    the hook when
    they call him out at second base
    so trade her up
    I’m thinking
    something in the double-d range
    a vision of
    what everyone thinks he deserves
    your hungry ghost still
    has a taste for meat
    so push her button boy
    until she bleeds
    hey heteroflexibility
    he is awfully fond of
    staining sheets
    I saw him just the other day
    but everybody loves Lucy
    loves the way she lets you take
    and so you take too much
    and when she asks for something
    in return then
    you just look the other way
    holy holy in name only
    Children of Revolution
    we’ll go marching on to glory
    just as soon as we have won
  • 04:41 Story Lyrics St. Joseph
    Hey there friend, who are you here for?
    Or do you just like graveyards,
    no, I see you brought your wife yellow roses.
    It’s 3 AM have you seen my son?
    He’s been missing since October.
    But he knows his way home,
    and he says “no” to strangers
    and he still has a friend in
    Saint Joseph
    He gave it all away
    Excuse me sir, do you have a light
    to sacrifice my darkness? Well,
    I brought a knife and I built my own altar. 
    It’s time to face now what I’ve become
    as I count my silver pieces.
    But I remember my name
    and I am not afraid of matches
    and I’ll find my way home
    because I say “no” to strangers
    and I will always have a friend in
    Saint Joseph
    I gave it all away
    tell the truth unless it hurts
    tell the truth unless it hurts
    tell the truth unless it hurts
    sometimes, my boy, it’s going to hurt
  • 04:42 Story Lyrics Fell Into Pieces
    hot date on a saturday,
    go home
    if you’ve had enough
    I could have sounded the siren
    I fell into pieces and then
    I fell for the latest trick
    go home “6, 7” and you pick up sticks
    I can play the victim so well but
    I fell into pieces and then
    did you hear that? 
    you could have had all this and more
    what does it mean if the red light comes on
    and I fell into pieces again
    hot date in a pickup truck,
    don’t shoot 
    this is not a gun
    she tried hard to deny it
    she fell into pieces and then
    he fell when her baby kicked
    stand back while he gets it fixed
    he should have pulled out before she vibrated
    They fell into pieces and then
    What are the odds that
    debris from the fall out
    would make an impression?
    Everybody needs a secret
    that will keep them warm.
    That’s all.
    hot date on a saturday,
    go home
    if you’ve had enough
    just be sure to pack some signs to show the way.
    But did you hear that? Did you hear that…
    Did you hear him the way that he said,
    “Good night, my friend.”
    It’s almost as if he understood the Law of Pity.
    What are the odds that
    debris from the fall out
    would make an impression?
    Everybody needs a secret
    that will keep them warm.
    That’s all.
  • 04:22 Story Lyrics Paradise Breaks
    He had a knife, and I came back twice
    to make sure that he spelled
    “REVENGE” with an “A”
    well I didn’t mind a haphazard plague,
    but I know he will come back again.
    My pair of dice came up snake eyes
    and paradise lost me back there in the haze,
    but if paradise breaks,
    and he gets his way
    he will come back again
    I called his name, but nobody came
    his ghost and a gentleman dancing in three said
    “Boy you should know which way to go”
    but I can’t find my way back again.
    Run now, run past the orchards
    and faster now,
    over the hills, and I see him still
    floating in holograms
    I read his deeper than shallow I fear
    I fear the end of time
    I fear that he had a knife;
    still I came back twice,
    and found that I wanted to come back again
    but if paradise breaks and he gets his way
    he will come back again
  • 04:27 Story Lyrics Settimo
    Go away Mr. Green Monster
    if you stay things could get right out of hand
    But you say “it won’t be long now
    before we reclaim your innocence.”
    I had some friends down in Settimo
    There’s nothing left for them to take anymore
    It’s all the rage down in Settimo
    and all at once you look and
    everyone is gone
    Save the day Mr. Kirt Mosier
    do you drink liquid passion from the vine
    just to say that you climbed higher
    than the one who you call Magnificence?
    I will not be silent
    I will not be still and
    I will unshackle my footsteps and
    keep running up that hill
    I must believe in something can I believe in you
  • 03:59 Story Lyrics Revolution
    I don’t see what this has to do with salvation.
    The Good Book missed the point in
    abnormal gestation.
    Adam and Steve came out today,
    they made their way to the
    Boston Tea Party reunion.
    They found their Eden growing in Massachusetts.
    See it through.
    I’ll cross my legs
    when serpents come tempting with apples.
    Mother gave birth to a boy who misuses his tool.
    The lasers and the arrows spoil
    the secret of happiness penned on a gold piece of paper and
    pierced the heart of the stream that was tracing my hillside.
    See it through.
    Well, half the right
    thinks they’re justified
    in wedding gowns
    at funerals
    it isn’t clear
    which chemicals can change me
    See it through.
    The clock’s been set for eternal engagement FRUSTRATION.
    The unpaired ones don’t get to offer an opinion.
    The Judges threw our voice away.
    My angel came in the form of a
    drag king called Friction.
    They’re hard pressed now to find a creative solution.
    See it through.
  • 04:31 Story Lyrics Soldier
    My, he had the eyes of a soldier
    now his eyes are mine to see with
    he reminds me of my brother
    on the night he left for the desert 
    Iva Jean misses her Jewel
    and the woman in the still frame
    when she sleeps they both go dancing
    as the soldiers march in rhythm
    mile by mile
    it goes so fast that I can’t catch my breath
    it goes so fast that
    I got caught between the sound waves
    where my spirit met my passion
    they tried their best to get married
    if you want me to I will be
    the grenade
    it goes so fast that I can’t catch my breath
    we must carry on little soldier
    even though I know you’re tired
    he will greet us when we get there
    not one moment passes that I don’t
    see his face
  • 04:49 Story Lyrics Softening the Blow
    What will you do if this comes back to you?
    A good, but an irrelevant question
    paint me by numbers
    you don’t have the right
    to save me when you yourself need saving
    you’re softening the blow
    boys play guitars in profound hotel bars,
    their eyes steeped with artistic contemplation
    point to the east while they crucify the west
    how could you do this to my tribe
    you’re softening the blow
    stiletto heels go with political sleeves
    and the glitter girls weave baskets for the bake sale
    your generosity of opinion is sweet,
    but I can’t save the world with your opinion
    you’re softening the blow
  • 04:57 Story Lyrics Ennis Del Mar
    Will you save me like you did before?
    I will hold you to your word
    but I died when I built the bridge between
    the Virgin and the Whore.
    Ennis come and look what I’ve done
    They made a man of me today
    they were singing “Hallelujah” as
    they kicked dirt in my face
    I would save you, if I could, I would
    but I’m fettered by delusions of grandeur
    and of perfect plans
    Hobson’s knots have all held good
    Dissatisfied with creation
    I made a man out of clay
    and I placed him in my garden
    and I gave him your name
    I call him Sacrifice
    Ennis come and look what I’ve done…
    Before you cut me out
    I’d like to just remind you that
    next time I’ll be coming after you
    Ennis go and tell your father
    an old dickless man was he
    tell your mother and your sister too
    what they do to boys like me
    and tell them that I loved you
    and tell them that I loved you
    I will hold you to your word
  • 03:28 Story Lyrics Shepherd Boy
    If you run into my dreams
    tell them I’m still waiting
    on my knees, on my knees
    but they may take a while,
    so if you have the time
    come and see
    come and see
    come and see
    Oh, shepherd boy, do you hear them now?
    the bells are softly calling,
    you won’t have to wait much longer to go home
    because the devil crochets blankets
    out of barbed-wire fences
    if you listen you will hear he’s still breathing
    Tie them up one by one until they’ve
    all had their fun, and he’ll be one of these
    if he won’t take a wife, set him straight with a knife
    and we’ll pray
    and we’ll pray
    and we’ll pray
    did I cross the avalanche
    to wind up drowning in the mudslide
    Oh, shepherd boy
    they are dancing now
    in sick celebration of
    a scarecrow getting laid
    by two boys in Wyoming
    well they’re faking it
    they’re taking now
    from Dido’s dowry
    if you listen you will hear
    what they’re saying
    One got away
    I got away
    So if you saw the same in me, then
    Daphne wouldn’t be a tree
    and if you’re looking for your sheep
    you’ll find him on the
    h i l l s i d e

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