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Andy, I absolutely love your music! Your "water" album Is the best.it has soothing tone along with a rock sound fffi
Andy, Your so talented. WOW!
Andy! You were absolutely brilliant at Rovali's Acoustic All-Stars! Thank you sir!
I love the piano playing, and those lyrics draw me in. Some of your lines make me want to stomp my feet, others find a way into my heart ("Waiting"). I can see the Tori influence, and yet your style is very much your own. Very impressed, and congratulations all the way from the fields of Scotland, amico mio.
Andy, your music is great! As a classical voice teacher/singer for the past 30 years may I say that your voice is strong and well produced but you may want to try some higher keys so we don't get the feeling you're bottomed out. Bravo.
love it love it love it
I love all your music but waiting and good 'ol whats his name are my fav from your indigo album! amazing music, andy!
Andy, This is so great! Can't wait to go to the kick off party
I love you Andy! I love your exploding creativity and heart in the music. Beautiful.

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