Andy Livingston
Andy Livingston


It’s a sunset, either of a relationship, or of a life. Both are true, depending on the day. What’s the most tragic part to me is that only the protagonist knows that it is the last time he’ll be singing; this is their last moment together…so hold me one night more. 


Welcome in

You caught me imagining

the perfect way to go.

Sunsets won’t alter the consequence

So tell him he can wait, and

hold me

one night more


So far

this is more than I’d bargained for

So transfer my phone call

back to the first syllable

I’m here with my hands full

Of nothing to show at all

because no, I don’t think that I’m ready for more

I might have died today, but

There’s always tomorrow


Heading west,

and into the violent reds

that only twilight knows,

he confessed. But, given the circumstance,

tell him it’s too late, and

hold me

one night more


he was a

crepuscular twist of fate

but then, to avoid

the blame,

he claimed reincarnation

but so far, this is more than I’d bargained for

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