This Again

Andy Livingston
Andy Livingston


I don’t remember what the bumper sticker said. I do remember thinking, “that’s the most passive way to be passionate about something.” It was probably judgmental of me to think that (I don’t know what else they do to support their cause), but it made me start thinking about how we take our conceptualization of truth for granted, and how beautiful it is to forget everything you say you know and allow yourself to see things from an entirely different perspective. It’s almost always disruptive to awaken in such a way. I never noticed how x, y, and z…


Then I woke up and it was wonderful

To see the view from over there

It’s about time,

but there will always be more time

to repair the broken bridge


Going through the circles in my head now

On the other side the witnesses are testifying

against crimes of passion in a marriage

There’s no way out

And it’s this again


then I spoke out in foreign languages

and everyone wants everything

a passive voice

sentence is not as effective

as a participle is


Going through the circles in my head…


It’s not enough, no,

it’s not enough to play along

You could have had everything that you wanted

Now everything that you wanted is gone

It will come back, but you’re still not enough


Then I woke up and it was wonderful

To forget everything I knew

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