The One I Love

Andy Livingston
Andy Livingston


I re-recorded three songs from the first album I did. It was 2007, and I was playing with a band. We had so much fun together, but eventually started going our separate ways, and the magic kind of died. I didn’t want to stop performing/writing/recording, though, so about 14 of those early songs made their way onto an album I called “Waltz.” Many of them were decent songs, but they were executed poorly in the studio because of my lack of experience and impatience with the process. “The One I Love” was the album opener. Ten, maybe eleven, years ago, when this song was written, I remember it being based loosely on a quote…I can’t quite remember who said it or what it was, but it was something to the effect of “the one I love is the one I am.” It’s been interesting to re-visit this song after so long. I found the original recording of it, and it’s strange to hear someone ten years older singing to a young version of himself. I think it’s become a sort of love song to that kid who still was so unsure about how to love, be good to, and take care of himself. “No matter what, it’s going to be ok.” I have so much I wish I could tell him. The tightwire walk continues. 


Do you remember me?

I swear I’ve somewhere seen your face

Was it an ocean or a

potion-triggered fall from grace


It’s hard to say

What matters anyway

It’s the wilting of

The one I love


She said that she could tell the future

And so then I said,

“What will I look like? Am I

Alive or am I dead?”


She said it’s hard to say

With crystals in the way

It’s the wilting of

The one I love


And so many thoughts

On a tight wire walk

I’m sure you’re wishing on me like a star

That’s not becoming of a lady

Who knows how to cross her legs and sit up straight

So many thoughts…


I’ve got a little hole

It’s watering my heart today

Considering it all I think I made it out okay


But then it’s hard to say

What matters anyway

It’s the wilting of

The one I love


You are the image of

The one I love

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