I Dreamed

Andy Livingston
Andy Livingston


I was scrolling through Facebook and read the status update of a dear friend of mine. It was about a dream he had about a former love. He described being able to taste the whisky on his lips after kissing him in the rain; the warmth of his familiar embrace; and the eventual disappointment upon awakening to find his arms empty, and his lips tasting of nothing. He ended the status update with the phrase “I wish I never dreamed.” It struck me, and I thought of all the many who have waltzed in my arms for a night, only to be cruelly taken away when dawn comes. Sometimes that night can last for years…I think the idea resonates with many of us. If I could only hold him again…The song came almost immediately. I went to the piano, hit record on my phone, and played it through almost in its entirety. 


I dreamed

I dreamed last night that I kissed you

You wanted me to

I dreamed

I wakened to your laughter on

the breeze

My arms were empty then

I wish I never dreamed


I dreamed

I dreamed last night that I missed you

You missed me, too

I dreamed

I ran to you with autumn on

my sleeve

and winter breathing in

I wish I never dreamed


And I dreamed

I saw you wide awake

Bursting at the seams

calling me by name

And every time I sleep

I go to see that place

I put it on repeat

In hopes one day

I’ll find a way to answer


I dreamed

I dreamed last night that I found you

you led me to

I dreamed

when dawn comes

I know you’ll have to leave

my eyes will open then

I wish I never dreamed

my arms empty then

I wish I never dreamed

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