It was an exhausting, but very rewarding day yesterday. It was a privilege to be a part of the SLC Pride festival, and I had so much fun playing for everyone. The sound guys, the stage crew, and everyone involved with the performance itself were all fantastic. I feel like it was the best show I've done in a while; it's amazing what good sound equipment will do for your confidence. Coming down from the high of giving what I feel was a good performance is always disheartening. Back to work. Back to normalcy. Performing yesterday reminded me that I want to always be heading to the next stage...I guess that could be literal or figurative, really. I wished that, as I drove home, I was driving to the next city, to set up the next stage, to put on the next show. I love it so much. I'm going to start putting set lists and try to keep up on a blog type thing. I'm not very good at communicating regularly at all, so maybe this is the last time I'll ever write anything like this. Hopefully not. I used to be so good at keeping a book of days. In any case, as I started to say, I love set lists. There's something so...I don't know...individual about them. It's like looking at the framework of a story. It's difficult to explain, and maybe when I'm not in a post-nap haze I'll try to explain it better, but for now, I'll put up the set list for Pride yesterday. Thank to the many who came and endured the heat. I was sweating up a storm on the shaded stage, so I can't imagine what it was like out there in the sun. Take care. A Set List - SLC Pride 06.06.10 SAME DAY FELL INTO PIECES DANIEL REVOLUTION GOOD OLD WHAT’S HIS NAME ROCKET SHIP STRANGERS WHO DOUBLE AS LOVERS WAITING HOURGLASS

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